65 Stock Tank Pool Ideas In Backyard

Swimming can be a great idea to face the summer. It would be cool to swim at home with family. For those who do not have a pool at home? Do not worry. You can use the stock tank pool.


Where to get a stock tank pool?

You can get it at a home appliance store. It took more effort to bring it home because of its large size. We can use the expedition service to make it easier.


Preparation and Installation

Make sure the tank does not leak before use. Wash first of the dirt. Also prepare a place for installation. Close to water sources and disposal. Note also splashing water to avoid the terrace of the house.

Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Inspiration 4

Preparation before being used.


Swimming time!

It’s time to enjoy a soak in the stock of the tank pool with the family. Under the warm sun. If necessary we can invite friends and relatives. Of course it needs to turn because the place is narrow.

Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Inspiration 20

Lay with family member.


Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Inspiration 39

Chill with friends.



Tanks need to be cleaned after use. Water may be removed and recharged later because of its small size. It would be great if the tanks were painted to prevent leaks and coated with anti-rust.


Image Credit: www.letsaddsprinkles.com


Although the weather is hot but still can enjoy the summer by swimming in the pool. The swimming pool does not need to be expensive to be used in the yard. Stock tank pool is the solution.

Image credit: Katie Mansfield

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